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FBG Creates Exclusive Design Studio for Custom Home Design in Houston

Are you ready to get creative with your custom home design in Houston? In an effort to streamline the process for clients, Frankel Building Group has created the “FBG Design Studio” as a service exclusively for FBG customers and their interior designers.

Traditionally in the custom home building industry, customer selection of surface materials can be a time consuming and stressful process. The homeowner is visiting multiple locations to find the best price and latest technological finishes. By creating a resource center all under one-roof, Frankel Building Group is hoping to make the offerings and experience more pleasant and accessible.

Home Design Studio Purpose & Location

The FBG Design Studio’s purpose is to offer finishes from more than 60 vendors to include tone, texture and materials for walls, countertops, floors, roofs and exterior finishes including brick, stucco, tile and granite. The FBG Design Studio is located inside the LADCO Washington Park Design Center, Houston’s largest “to the trade” home furnishings showroom.

Homebuyers Can Still Select Outside Sources for Finishes

Frankel Building Group clients will be able to get a sense of the relationship between material selections with fabrics and finishes. Of course, FBG customers can select finishes from any resource outside of the FBG Design Studio. FBG’s investment in creating a 2,000 square-foot Design Studio was strictly to find a solution and create added-value to the daunting selection process for a custom home.

This is an innovative concept brought to you by the same custom builder that has led the charge in building sustainable homes equipped with the latest technology. We hope you will take advantage of the FBG Design Studio when creating your own unique custom home design in Houston and we look forward to hearing how it helped you in the design process. If you have any questions, please contact us.

As featured on The Houston Chronicle