A Look Inside Scott Frankel’s New Home in Hunters Creek

December 1, 2020

Our home is our most sacred haven. It holds our most precious memories, from the Sharpied marks of a growth chart on a door frame to the old family quilt that now rests on the bed. It’s the place where we laugh, learn, cry, and just live. It’s our escape, our safe space from the rest of the world.

There are many ways to describe the importance of your home, but what do you say about it when you build homes for a living? For Scott Frankel, Co-President and Principal at Frankel Building Group, that was the question at hand over the last year and a half. 

By nature, Scott is brazenly passionate about design and construction. After all, Frankel Building Group only constructs around 40 homes each year, and no two homes are ever the same. But when it came time to design his own house with his wife, Dara, what exactly did a home make for them?

We want to share a rare glimpse into their 8,000-square-foot, 5-bedroom, 5.3-bathroom home in Hunters Creek Village. The couple even elaborated on what they wanted out of their custom creation.

An Expansive Outdoor Living Area was a Must-Have Feature

For Scott and Dara Frankel, designing their own home meant taking new risks in interior design and architecture. They also wanted to add rooms and features that are outside the norm. For some, that includes a climate-controlled wine room or a custom art gallery to house their precious collections. For the Frankels, they needed a home with a lofty and robust outdoor living space where they could entertain friends and family. 

Balancing High-Brow Design Aesthetic with Livability

An expert in design and construction, Scott could not fathom having a home that didn’t push the design envelope to some degree — which is exactly what he did here in Caruthers. His attention to detail and ambitious ideas are apparent throughout the home, from the white marble waterfall countertops in the kitchen and the pool’s deck jets that appear right out of the ground, to the poolside fire pit, floor-to-ceiling windows, and more.

From a pure design perspective the house serves as the pièce de résistance for Frankel Building Group’s superior craftsmanship. However, as parents of three young boys, the Frankels knew they had to strike a good balance between cutting-edge interior aesthetics and the realities of raising three young children. In other words, the home’s form and function were crucial to its overall design and appeal for them. 

A Place for the Whole Family to Live, Work, and Play


Another unique characteristic of the Frankels’ home is its multiple functions as a home. As working from home and homeschooling become increasingly common, the Frankels built for the future in mind. The home features two gorgeous home offices, an upstairs nook for the kids to do their homework, and a workshop where the family can express their creative hobbies. 

The home also serves as a gathering place for entertaining friends and family. This includes a full interior bar; an outdoor kitchen complete with open shelving, a TV, custom vent hood, and a Big Green Egg; and a custom-designed swimming pool.

This home was made possible with the help of the Frankel Building Group’s design team. Scott and Kevin Frankel, Rodney Stevens, Thomas Cook, Himanshu Madhani, Megan Reuss, Brian Adams, and Matt Morgado all contributed mightily to making this custom home project a success.

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