5 Home Architecture & Design Trends That Will Take Over in 2021

January 4, 2021

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. It’s utterly transformed the way people view their homes. Today, the home is not only the place where we live, but also where we work and play — and this live/work/play convergence is being reflected in home architecture and design.

Trends are constantly going in and out of style, but our reality has proven some trends might be here to stay. Here’s what’s on the horizon for 2021 and why it might be worth incorporating one or all of these into your home. 

Office shot with gold chandelier

1. The Home Office is Here to Stay

For many, the home office was an afterthought — that’s no longer the case. Many experts are forecasting that office-centric work is dead. The purposeful inclusion of a functional home office is now a must-have feature. 

At first, people just needed a space to do work. Now, with everyone settled into the “new normal,” homeowners are now wanting a space that not only suits their professional needs but also their unique personality and aesthetic preferences. From grandiose chandeliers to library bookshelves with a rolling ladder, homeowners are finding a myriad of ways to spice up their home office. 

2. The Home is Now a Sanctuary

Home used to be where the heart is, but today some would argue that home is where our escape is. For better or worse, we’re stuck at home for the time being. This time spent at home has no doubt impacted the way people are thinking about home design, both architecturally and decor-wise.

Warm, earthy tones and natural materials have dominated 2020 interior design, and architecture is no different. People are no longer interested in the museum-like aesthetic, where sharp lines, cold metals and bland whites and grays take over.

Today, people are yearning to feel comforted by their home. This has brought on a surge of nature-inspired designs. Curved shapes, natural materials and bright and bold colors are all part of the 2021 design repertoire of trends. 

Smaller, more intimate living spaces are becoming the “new normal” of home designs, while large and empty spaces are becoming increasingly less common. For 2021, we predict that this trend of more intimate design and places for gathering will take center stage. 

3. Outdoor Living Spaces Are Booming

Like home offices, the backyard was an afterthought. Nowadays, people are turning their attention from their interior to their exterior living spaces. 

2021 will be all about the newfound relationship of outdoor living spaces. This is one reason why Cottagecore — an aesthetic focused on a rural, simplistic life that’s connected to nature — is dominating the design scene. Look forward to more intentional backyards, swimming pools, volleyball nets and other outdoor activities to fill the days spent at home.

4. The Kitchen Remains the Heart of the Home

With more people staying at home, the kitchen has become a workhorse, a place where families prepare all of their meals, do homework, take Zoom calls and more. Today, kitchens must be both aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. There is more emphasis on storage, functionality, while also maintaining beauty.

5. Energy Efficiency is King

LEED for Home is the gold standard of green homebuilding. However, homeowners are taking it a step further. Since the onset of the pandemic, interest in solar panels, battery storage devices, passive home design, and smart home technology have all increased. 

2021 will see a steady climb in the integration of smart tech and other energy-efficient devices throughout the home, from smart irrigation systems to smart thermostats. 

The Future of Homes: More Personal Than Ever

Ultimately, 2021 will see a higher level of personalization in home design. Designing a custom home was already a highly intimate and personal experience, but 2021 will reveal that more than ever before, where homeowners will want to create a home that reflects their unique style and suits their newfound lifestyle in the coming years. 

We’re excited to see this trend into more personalization and where it will go beyond 2021.