Questions to Ask Before Buying a Lot to Build a New Home On

You want to build a new home, but you don’t own property. Buying a lot is your first step, right?

It can be, but before you do there are many things to consider. You don’t want to find what appears to be the perfect lot at a very reasonable price and quickly purchase it, only to later discover you can’t build a home on it or doing so would be too costly.

Among the first questions you want to get answers to are:

• Is the lot in or near a floodplain? The building codes in a floodplain will be different, insurance higher, and the property could flood and erode. If your lot is right outside of a floodplain, it might one day be included in one after a periodic re-drawing or update of flood maps.
• What are the zoning, easement and land-use restrictions? You need to know if building the type of home you want, or any home, is possible. You can’t build on an easement, so know how much of your property will be allocated for that. And deed restrictions will tell you how much control you have over what you can and cannot do on your property, as well as what your neighbors can do. If there is a homeowner’s association, you’ll want details about that, including dues cost.
• What will it take (and cost) to get the property ready for building? You may need trees cut, the property leveled, utilities added and more.
• Are utilities available? If utilities are not already onsite, you’ll need to install them. The costs for running electricity poles and lines, installing a sewer system and drilling a water well can be expensive. If installing any utility is not possible, you certainly need to know before buying the property.

You will also need to find out about required permits and any of the city or county’s long range plans that could affect you. There could be plans in the future, such as for a new highway or landfill, that will completely change how you feel about your property.

These are just a few of the main questions you need answers to before buying a lot to have a custom house built on.

Frankel Will Ask the Questions For You
When working with Frankel Building Group to build on your lot, you won’t need to search for answers to these questions. What a relief, right?

We can help you find the best lot for you and the home you’re dreaming about. We will ask you about any current and future plans you might have, research the property, inform you of any restrictions, determine what’s needed to build, and add any associated costs into the price of your custom built home. We take care of the details and keep you well informed along the way. Contact us today to learn more.

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