Houston Home Builders Build on Your Lot

If you are searching for Houston home builders to build on your lot, Frankel Building Group is the area’s best. We are full service custom home builders with an incredible team of professionals building luxury homes to the satisfaction of our homebuyers. Difficult site design and project development are among our specialties, and we have a talent for blending large new houses into established neighborhoods.

But although Frankel Building Group is considered the best home builders in Houston, you may feel hesitant. You want to build a house on your property, but do you commit to a designer, architect or builder? Frankel Design and Consulting can help.

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Frankel Custom Home Design & Consulting

Frankel Building Group is a design/build firm that gives you options. We have developed a concept that puts you, the customer, in control through the design process.

You are not required to commit to using Frankel as your Houston home builders until the design process is complete and you have received bids from other builders as well as Frankel.

In fact, Frankel recommends that you do not choose a builder until your plan is finished and you receive a bid on it. We know you will love your experience with us and will want to maintain our relationship and service.

Top Reasons Not to Choose Houston Home Builders to Build on Your Lot until Your Plan is Complete

The top four reasons that clients do not want to choose a builder before starting a design plan are:

  1. If I pick him early, he can charge me whatever he wants when I’m halfway through the plan!
  2. I might find a builder that feels like a better fit for my style and personality.
  3. What if the builder goes out of business early in the process?
  4. I want to bid my plan with multiple builders, not just one. This way, I know that I’m getting the lowest building price.

Alternately, clients also want to avoid paying an architect to draw a plan for a house that is TOO EXPENSIVE to build. Since you don’t want to commit to either party, who knows where to start?

Conventional Piecemeal Process Takes Longer, is More Expensive

The conventional piecemeal process of the customer hiring the design, the engineer, and then bidding the build will always be around, but it has become completely antiquated with increased engineering requirements, increased permitting requirements, and the overwhelming availability of building products. This is why the conventional piecemeal process takes MONTHS longer to finish and costs countless dollars. Most importantly, you still are not assured to get what you want, and you are virtually assured that you will do all of the work yourself!

Frankel Group Offers Options

Seeing both sides, the Frankel Group created a way to drill down the build into a scope and a price, without committing to building with any particular builder until that scope of work is complete. More importantly, Frankel will administer bids with custom builders of your choice to receive bids on virtually the SAME scope of work. This is the only way to get an apples-to-apples comparison on the SAME proposed house, assuring that you know exactly what you are going to get!

Every home price comes from a scope of work. That includes land (the lot), a plan (the structure), a complete specification list (what is attached to that structure) and a timeline. We have seen countless land owners fail to create a solid scope of work. In the end, they picked a builder for the wrong reason, did not know for certain what was included in their home, or did not build at all. Creating this scope, and holding a builder to it is very difficult to do.

With the Frankel Design and Consulting you get:

  1. a plan
  2. specifications
  3. price related consulting
  4. bids with builders of your choice
  5. a bid from Frankel

Before choosing Houston home builders to build on your lot, contact Frankel. From design and consulting to custom home building, you can expect straightforward, stress-free solutions.