home-designUnlike most custom home builders, Frankel Building Group offers Houston home design in house rather than outsourcing the design process to an architectural firm. Doing so enables FBG to work more closely with you, the home buyer, in creating the custom home of your dreams. It also streamlines the homebuilding process. Generally, the site will tell us half of what the home wants to be, the client tells us the other half.

Site Survey First in Home Design Process

The custom home design process begins with an environmental design phase. FBG carefully studies the ecology and environment of your home’s site. We research local ordinances, deed restrictions, and other vital building information to obtain a clear understanding of site constraints. After completing this phase, we can begin sketching.

The Sketch Phase of Home Design – We Want Your Input!

Throughout the entire Sketch Phase, your input is encouraged on the design and feel of your new home. FBG’s on-staff custom home designer, Rodney Stevens, listens as you discuss your lifestyle and how you want your house to function. He then turns your thoughts into an architectural form, sketching a beautiful rendering of your custom home during the first concept meeting.

After we’ve established a concept for your new home, Rodney refines the drawing by adding multiple layers of design until the concept is complete. Square footage, room counts, and environmental design are addressed so budget and scope can be established. When finished, the sketches are used to determine the elevation, and by extension, the architectural feel of your new home.

Computer Sketches for Home Design

Our Architectural Design Coordinators then lay out the initial Revit sketches — making them come to life in full color on the computer screen. Our design meetings allow you to digest the transition from sketch to computer drawing in order to ensure that your vision has not been lost.

3D Look at Your Home’s Design

As walls and windows are placed according to site requirements, sun angles, and room layouts, your home’s general form begins to emerge. Textures, materials, components, and site design are controlled throughout the entire design process, ensuring your new house will not only be architecturally beautiful, but functional as well. This is the cornerstone of the home design/build process.

From Sketching to Plan Production & Construction

Next we move into the Plan Production phase. The roof plan and elevations are the most important aspect of a successful home design. The main bodies of roof are laid upon each other until the desired elevation emerges. Then arches, window treatments, stucco bands, etc. are added. Once approved by you, we begin the process of engineering and permitting.

Streamlining the Home Design & Build Process

What sets FBG apart from other home builders and architects is that we have the capability of streamlining the home design/build process since the entire project is built three dimensionally while allowing the construction team to consult on our work. We save weeks in the field by solving all of the problems that may arise while in design, allowing you to move in sooner.

By the time the plans come back from the engineer, we have assembled all of the necessary construction documents, site plans, HVAC layouts and other items needed for permitting, and swiftly submit them to the city/county. This is another way that the home design/build process works so efficiently. Once a permit is obtained, we start constructing the home of your dreams.

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