Frankel Building Group is the leading green home builders in Houston. FBG won the 2013 and 2012 Prism Awards for Green Building Single Family Project of the Year, the 2012 Prism Award for Green Building Advocate of the Year, and the 2010 Greater Houston Builders Association award for Green Home of the Year, along with Houston’s Best Custom Builder, multiple Custom Builder of the Year awards and various other state and local awards.

Why FBG Became Green Home Builders in Houston

As the US Green Building Council says, “there’s green and then there’s LEED.” Frankel homes are LEED.

FBG made a commitment several years ago to position the company at the forefront of the home building industry by building new homes to be LEED® certified. The move was not in response to client requests – there was zero demand. Brothers Scott and Kevin Frankel wanted to build green because it is the right thing to do.

They decided to build to LEED guidelines because the guidelines are so strict. There are no licenses for builders in Texas. Anyone can call themselves a builder. But “LEED approved” means someone else is vouching for its performance. So they brought in a verifier to confirm that they are building correctly. They started 10 spec homes, all LEED, in one month and made their entire 58 Lot neighborhood built to LEED standards just to prove a point. They wanted to challenge the market, buyers, realtors, bankers, and appraisers – to show that building LEED homes in a competitive price per foot is possible.

Frankel Building Group became the first custom home builder in the country to adopt the LEED for Homes program and build to its standards across the board. Today, FBG remains one of only two custom home builders that have built every house to LEED certification standards. The Frankel team continues to educate homebuyers about the importance of building LEED homes and promote green building practices.

Learn more by reading What is LEED and the Benefits of Building a LEED Home.

The FBG Focus in Building Green Homes

In building green homes, FBG places an emphasis on energy and water efficiency, use of resources, and innovative design. Buyers of green homes can save on energy and water bills while living in a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. And together the buyers and green home builders help sustain the environment for future generations.

Go Green When Building Your New Home

If you are planning to build a custom home, Frankel Building Group encourages you to consider building a LEED For Homes certified one. Our Houston custom home builders provide complete home building services and will work to ensure your dream home becomes a reality.

To learn more about FBG’s green home builders in Houston, please contact us.


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