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Building to LEED could raise a home’s resale value

July 11, 2017

Sustainability is on the rise across the construction industry. In the residential market, green-construction spending is projected to increase from $55 billion in 2015 to $100.4 billion in 2018, according to the USGBC’s 2015 Green Building Economic Impact Study.

Houston-based developer Scott Frankel says consumer demand is driving the trend. Frankel, who is co-president and principal of the Frankel Building Group, told Construction Dive that the company has designed its custom-built homes to LEED since 2010. Since they first started working with LEED, he said, the certification as gone from something people were simply interested in to something people — including clients and manufacturers — are demanding… Read More

Source: Construction Dive by Mary Tyler March on July 11, 2017.