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Custom Home Builder

Our custom design-build process begins with your ideas and our pen and paper. As you describe your luxury dream home, our team of award-winning architects fleshes out your ideas into a realistic model.

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At Frankel, we don’t create cookie-cutter homes. We work directly with you to expertly craft an original home for you with one-of-a-kind architecture to match. We are committed to providing exquisite designs with better, faster results.

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Memorial Palladian Estate

Land Acquisition

Whether you’re about to pull the trigger on a piece of property or just getting started, you most likely need a consultation to make the right decision. Frankel not only provides you with design-build services, but we also manage the process of the land acquisition and evaluation process for you — and at no extra cost. Additionally, our architecture team will ensure that what you want to build will work for your specific property.

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Advanced Construction & Specification Advocacy

We don’t expect every client to know exactly what should be in their walls and under their home. That’s why we’ve developed an industry-leading set of build practices for your home. That said, if you have another technique you want to try, we are open to and can help you make a final decision. 

Detailed & Transparent Proposal Development

Bidding a plan is a myth. It is not how you get the best price as a consumer nor how you save money. We will work with you on a detailed proposal based on your site, your plan, and what you actually want in the house. When it comes time to start you will know exactly what is going in your home and will feel good about the price.

HOA Submission & Permitting

HOA submissions, architectural control review and permitting will all be handled in-house by our team. These can be daunting, so you will not have to do any of this work, and we don’t use expediters for it. Most outside architecture firms and builders don’t tell clients how much time and effort this requires. 

Site Preparation & Pre-Construction

We handle all demolition, surveying and early on-site coordination. Our clients asked to include this, and so we now offer this to further ease the pressure of the process.

Interior Design

We realize interior design styles are unique and require close collaboration, so many people do choose to work with third-party interior designers. We have simplified this process by doing most of the leg work for you, if you choose.

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On-Site Reporting

Using our Construction Relationship Management Software, Frankel’s custom home clients have full access to all their design plans, 3D renderings, as well as daily updates from the builders, which includes real-time photo sharing. All this information is accessible to clients through their phone, tablet or computer.

Custom Pools & Outdoor Living

Frankel Building Group’s custom pool services company, Avea Pools, specializes in creating the perfect indoor-outdoor ambiance and living design. While other custom pool builders consider only the canvas of the yard, we construct pools with an entire lifestyle in mind, factoring in the yard, house architecture and indoor views.

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FBG Home Care

Taking care of your custom home after the build is just as essential as designing and constructing it. We make the process of servicing warrantable items in your home as easy and care-free as possible, even after we complete your home.

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Warranty Program

Every home built by Frankel Building Group includes a standard warranty to ensure that construction defects (if any) are fixed in a timely and professional manner. 

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