Custom Home Renovations

We go beyond the surface level to consider your existing home’s architecture and functionality when remodeling.
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We Approach Remodels from an Architectural Perspective

A conventional home remodel merely retouches the surface of your home. Frankel’s custom home renovation team instead takes a holistic approach. They strip down your home to its fundamental architecture and layout to create a completely new design for your existing residence.

In fact, we’re one of the very few design-build remodelers in Houston that approach renovations by putting the architecture of the property front-and-center.

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Custom Home Renovations | Frankel Building Group

Our Process of Renovating Homes

We begin the process of remodeling your existing home by completely redrawing and re-rendering the house. This gives our team an overall perspective of the home in order to make more informed decisions.

Armed with that knowledge, Frankel’s designers can choose how to best implement the design concept, which materials would be best to use for that particular remodel, and how long it would take from start to finish.