Custom Pools & Outdoor Living

Our custom pool service goes above and beyond to create the perfect indoor-outdoor ambiance.

We Consider Your Entire Life When Designing Outdoor Spaces

Other custom pool builders in Houston think of the yard as a mere canvas. This can potentially create a disconnect between the outside of the home and the inside. At Frankel, we construct outdoor living spaces with your whole lifestyle in mind to create the perfect indoor-outdoor ambiance.

Because we own and operate our own custom pool brand, Avea Pools, we provide far superior technology and design principles than conventional builders. Because it’s a part of Frankel, Avea Pools factors in the yard, house architecture and your home’s interiors to create a completely cohesive look — inside and out.

Memorial Modern Estate pool area

Our Unique Custom Pool and Outdoor Living Process

Our design team specializes in bridging the gap between your home’s indoor and outdoor living spaces. In addition to designing your backyard for the outdoor views, we also design it for indoor views for all the locations in your house that have a view of the backyard. The upstairs bathroom to the left? We got you covered.