Land Acquisition Services

No need to work with an outside broker. We provide you with in-house brokerage work to secure the land for your custom home at no extra cost.

We Own and Operate an In-House Real Estate Firm

As the true one-stop-shop for custom home building in Houston, we own and operate our own real estate company. Frankel Realty Group provides a range of land acquisition services from due diligence to full brokerage at wholesale rates. Unique to Frankel, we specialize in assessing the value and buildability of tear-down homes sites.

Land Acquisition | Frankel Building Group
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Our Process for Land Acquisition

When a client or Frankel finds a potential property to acquire, our real estate arm is able to verify any deed or city restrictions such as easements, design requirements or setbacks. We also conduct a preliminary lot layout to assess the size of the backyard and how your house would fit on the property. We conduct surveys, architectural compliance and soil studies during the earnest money period. Put simply, we do the work that standard lot acquisition companies don’t normally cover.

We Credit Commissions to the Buyer

We credit commissions we receive back to you, the buyer. Besides coordinating the land acquisition, our architecture team ensures that the land you buy is actually buildable. At Frankel, everything you need can be done in-house, at no extra cost or work on your end.

Land Acquisition | Frankel Building Group