Frankel Building Group designs and builds custom Houston homes in Southampton, one of the city’s most prestigious communities. Southampton is an upscale, single-family residential neighborhood inside the 610 Loop near Rice University, the Texas Medical Center and the Museum District.

Increasing Value of Homes in Southampton

property-1817-wroxtonIf you are interested in building a custom home in an area where property values will rise, Southampton may be just what you are looking for. Houston homes in Southampton have continued to increase in value through the years, and will likely do so for many more. Some say the price appreciation and lasting prestige is because of Southampton’s prime location. Others attribute it to the system of shared alleys, or to its elegant charm and community pride. But most agree it is due to strict codes set by Southampton’s original developers in 1923.

According to the codes, no apartments or duplexes can be built in Southampton. A minimum construction cost was also placed on new development. The codes were to be enforced for the next 150 years, and could then be extended by homeowners.

The Southampton Civic Club was established in 1929 to enforce the neighborhood’s restrictions. Today, the civic club continues to update and renew restrictions to preserve Southampton’s integrity and maintain its beauty.

If you would like to know more about Houston homes in Southampton or want to discuss custom building a new home here, please contact Frankel Building Group.


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